Stick A Flag In It

Written in Javascript and using Parse for the backend, Explorah was a simple city quest app I created in 2016 when I wanted more experience with app creation and design. Although basic, several features were implemented, including adding and accepting friends, submitting and approving quests, a friend activity feed, and a reward system that unlocked items when a quest is marked as complete.

Kevin of the Magic Forest

Show's Over, Folks

When a children's television show is canceled, its host decides to stay with its cast of characters instead of returning to the real world. This is the premise of Kevin of the Magic Forest, a video series with six planned ten-minute episodes. Episode One was completed on almost no budget as a proof-of-concept. Work on later episodes unfortunately had to be suspended when I began graduate school.

Episodes Two to Six

Although work on later episodes was cut short, a lot of the writing and artwork was completed. The following are a few of the more completed scenes that don't involve live action. Perhaps one day, with access to more time and actors, I will return to complete this project.

The Hippo Survey

This Survey Contains Hippos

More a technical project than an aesthestic one, The Hippo Survey was created for my MSc dissertation when I realized that the actions I wanted to measure may not be possible with Qualtrics.

I wanted to determine if an interactive ad could be more effective than the skippable video ad. To do this, participants were told to watch a video of a baby hippo. One of two ads then played before this video. Actions that were measured included whether the video ad was skipped, and if so, when, as well as when various steps in the interactive ad were taken.

Note: This project is not associated with Travelocity in any way.


Video ad - elements of the YouTube video player, such as the text link ad and the skip button, were recreated so that clicks could be measured

Interactive ad - start and end screens

Example of the results from the interactive ad

Yosh Konjac Sponge

Clean & Simple

In 2014, Natural Konjac Sponge wanted to rebrand itself as Yosh Konjac Sponge, leading me to create a new logo, identity, packaging, and website. To save time and money, the website was a customized version of an existing store template.

Logo Concept


Packaging - Photo: Chan Hang

Blondie Weds Brownie

A Fall Wedding

Nancy and Adam approached me in 2010 to handle the media for their wedding, which included a save-the-date magnet, a website, and a slideshow to be played during reception. When they suggested calling the project Blondie Weds Brownie, I knew I had to do it.

Given almost complete freedom, I created a website with a Flash-animated header showing leaves falling and the couple swinging from the tree. The slideshow was then interspersed with animated clips showing how the couple arrived at the tree swing (screens below), incorporating the groom's love for his motorcycle and the bride's love for cows.

A New Character

To celebrate the first birthday of their daughter in 2012, Nancy and Adam approached me again to create a slideshow. Animated clips inbetween their photos continue the story, incorporating a callback to the original tree swing as well as a recreation of their house at the time.

Inga Battery

Starting Power

Nepo Inc. hired me in 2008 to help launch Inga, their new brand of lead acid motorcycle batteries. Over the next six years as the sole designer for the brand, I would be responsible for creating all sorts of materials, including packaging, battery silkscreens and labels, promotional books (example above), websites, print advertisements, trade show banners, and presentations. Packaging in particular was a significant task as it had to cover more than 200 SKUs that were manufactured in three countries, and had to comply with US and Canadian transportation laws for hazardous materials. Inga has since grown to include lithium batteries.

Art Direction: Victor Cheng
Copyright: Nepo Inc.

Page layout for application book


Website (2009)

Trade show banner

Race to Awesome

[ website content ]


A Bit of Character

Thinking that my portfolio was looking a bit bland, I revamped it in 2012, injecting as much personality as I could fit. Maybe it was a bit much.

Before and after a message is sent through the contact form

Identity: Zhongshan Zhuang

Concert program

Blend of East and West

In 2009, Nepo Inc. sponsored the creation and launch of Identity: Zhongshan Zhuang, a guzheng concerto. For this project, I created posters, print advertisements, concert programs, and CD/DVD covers and silkscreens, as well as edited concert footage for the DVD. During my time with the company, this concert was performed in five of the United States, Canada, and China, most notably including a performance by Beijing's China National Symphony Orchestra. Marketing materials for these concerts either stemmed from our work on the original campaign or from our direct collaboration with the specific orchestra or venue.

Art Direction: Victor Cheng
Copyright: Hanyi Inc.

Newspaper ad

Older Projects

This Blog Did Not Happen (2009)

This Blog Did Not Happen (2008)

Chinkopedia (2008)


Steam Basket (2008)

Ads for student-run event at Simon Fraser University

My Smokin' Body of Work

Variations on a Theme

For my self-determined final project for my BA, I decided to try creating twelve posters in twelve styles, all based around the theme of smoking. To keep things interesting, half were anti-smoking and half were pro-smoking.



Graphic Designer

Nepo Inc. - Los Angeles, CA

2008 - 2014

Worked directly with owner in multiple aspects of marketing, including launches of new brand/products.

Created corporate materials such as websites, ads, catalogs, and brochures.

Point of contact with manufacturers in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam for issues regarding branding, packaging, and adherence to industry labeling and DOT shipping regulations for hazardous materials.

Coordinated with national and international clients/partners for private labeling needs.

Executed marketing campaign and designed promotional materials (website, posters, CD/DVDs, concert programs, etc.) for company-sponsored creation and launch of classical music event that has since been performed in five of the United States, Canada, and China, including a performance by Beijing's China National Symphony Orchestra.


MSc in International Marketing

King's College London - 2015

Upper 2nd Class (2:1)

Dissertation: The Effects of Casual Gaming Elements in the First Five Seconds of Pre-Video Advertising on User Attitude and Brand Message Recall

BA in Art (Design)

California State University, Los Angeles - 2008

Cum Laude, GPA 3.7

Technical Skills

HTML, CSS, Javascript

Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Some PHP & MySQL


English, Mandarin (speaking), Cantonese (speaking)


AIGA Los Angeles, Member